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PD-Proxy Premium Price Plans

Subscription Fee
INR (Rs)
1 Month  Premium SubscriptionRs.250/-
3 Months Premium SubscriptionRs.550/-
6 Months Premium SubscriptionRs.1100/-
1 Year Premium SubscriptionRs.1900/-

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PD-PROXY Premium Reseller

PD-PROXY Premium Reseller in India.
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We provide PD-PROXY Account Voucher Codes mostly for Indian PD-PROXY Users.

You can Upgrade/Activate Demo Account of PD-PROXY to PD-PROXY Premium to access full Benefits.

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Automatically connect your modem and PD-Proxy on windows startup

 pdproxyind@gmail.com Authorized PD-Proxy Reseller, Contact to buy Vouchers. 

You can automatically connect your modem and PD-Proxy VPN right after windows starts up. These would free you from connecting your modem and connecting your vpn manually. If you follow the steps below you will be able to browse the internet using our VPN right after your desktop is loaded without doing anything else.

  1. Goto settings and check "Run on windows startup" and "Auto connect modem". The "Run on windows startup" setting will make PD-Proxy run on windows startup. And the "Auto connect modem" setting will make sure that your modem is connected before PD-Proxy attempts to connect to our server.
  2. Click the button labeled "Click here to show advanced settings..." and make sure that "Connect PD-Proxy on startup" is checked. That setting will make PD-Proxy to connect after your windows desktop is loaded. You might also want to UNCHECK "Show modem connection dialog box" to prevent the modem connection dialog box from appearing. Press back to save your settings.
  3. You can skip this next step if you checked the "Show modem connection dialog box". Follow this steps to set what connection you want to use when PD-Proxy connects our modem.

    On Windows Vista/7 goto Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center. And on the left sidebar click "Change Adapter Settings". Right click on the connection you want to use and select "Set as Default connection". A small green check mark will appear on your selected default connection.

    On Windows XP goto Control Panel > Network and Internet Connections > Network Connections. Right click on the connection you want to use and select "Set as Default connection". A small check mark will appear on your selected default connection.

Now everytime PD-proxy connects it will check if your modem is already connected and if it is not yet connected it will attempt to connect your modem using the default connection you have selected.

Note: You need to insert your usb modem before starting your PC if you want your modem to connect immediately after windows startup

Visit our Settings and Configuration Knowledgebase for an explanation of each settings in PD-proxy

How to use PD-Proxy VPN in Windows 7

pdproxyind@gmail.com Authorized PD-Proxy Reseller, Contact to buy Vouchers.

PD-Proxy is compatible with windows Vista/7. The client is very portable and no installation is required except for the TAP-Win32 driver that is needed by PD-Proxy VPN. Usage of PD-Proxy VPN is straight forward and should not pose any problem to the experienced Windows user. The following sections give you a guided installation process.


  • Download PD-Proxy VPN Client
  • Starting the client
  • Installation of TAP-Win32 driver
  • Connecting

Download PD-Proxy Client

Download the latest version of the PD-Proxy VPN Client to your local drive.
Download PD-Proxy Image

Unzip/Extract all the files to your local drive and Double-click the file "PD-Proxy.exe". If the PD-Proxy VPN client does not start, make sure you are logged in on your PC as administrator or privileged user.
Start PD-Proxy Image

You will then see from the PD-Proxy Client that it is trying to install the TAP-Win32 driver. PD-Proxy will not attempt to install a new instance of TAP-Win32 if you already have a TAP-Win32 driver installed on your system. Searching TAP Driver
The PD-Proxy Client will prompt to install TAP-Win32 Adapter V9, a device driver for network services used by PD-Proxy VPN. Hit "Install" to continue the installation and then just wait for the installation to finish.
Installing TAP Driver
You will see the following message if the installation of TAP-Win32 driver is successful. If the installation failed please refer to this page or email us for support.
TAP Driver Installed

You can now connect to our VPN servers. Just select the server you want to use.
Server selection

Select the protocol for your connection. We recommend to use UDP protocol for stability and speed.
Protocol selection

Enter your username and password. If you still do not have an account follow this page for instructions on how to create your own PD-Proxy VPN account.
Enter username and password

To start your vpn connection. Just click the connect button. Connection time depends on your computer and speed of your ISP.

If you have your windows firewall enabled, windows might ask if you want to allow PD-Proxy VPN from connecting to the internet. Just press the "Allow access" button to avoid problems. You might also need to add PD-Proxy.exe manually from your firewall if you are using a different firewall.
Allow PD-Proxy in Firewall

If you can see the following message in your logs it means that you are already connected to our server. All of your internet connections will now be passing through our VPN.

If you encountered any problem while connecting visit our Troubleshooting PD-Proxy VPN page. You can also visit our forum and post your logs or email us at support[at]pdproxy[dot]com

How to Reinstall the WIN32-TAP Driver of PD-proxy

 pdproxyind@gmail.com Authorized PD-Proxy Reseller, Contact to buy Vouchers.

I got a report that the latest version of WIN32-TAP driver will not work while playing some online games.So we decided to replace the WIN32-TAP Driver back to the old version in our current version of PD-Proxy. Follow the steps below to revert back you WIN32-TAP Driver to the version.

  1. Download and extract the latest version of PD-proxy here : http://www.pdproxy.com/download.htm
  2. Close your PD-Proxy Client if it is currently open.
  3. Now reinstall the TAP-Driver to revert back to the old version of TAP-Driver
    If you are using Windows Vista/7, Right click on the "Reinstall TAP Drivers.bat" and select "Run as Administrator"

    If you are using Windows XP just double click on "Reinstall TAP Drivers.bat" and wait for the reinstallation of tap driver to finish
  4. You should now be able to connect to your online games